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Code Augment is a bespoke software development firm that helps companies and businesses to create digital software solutions. .

Website Development
Website, WordPress, Web Portal, E-Commerce, Shopify & PWA development.
Custom Software Development
AI/ML, Desktop, IoT, AR, Blockchain, SaaS, development.

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Tailored Software Services

Why companies collaborate with Codeaugment


We define roadmap to identify the KPIs set implementation, determine reporting, schedule daily sync-ups, and establish testing conditions for the product.


you receive a thoroughly tested application with easily maintainable code, while we obtain sufficient resources to advance as professionals.


We engage clients in the project lifecycle. Whether working on a turnkey basis or collaborate with the client's team, our processes are flexible and easily adaptable.


Our team is adept at navigating diverse linguistic backgrounds, ensuring seamless and clear communication throughout our collaboration.

Software Development Process


Requirement gathering & Analysis

Understand your needs, goals, and the challenges the software aims to address.


Planning & Design

Planning and creating a blueprint, covering architecture, user interface, and user experience.



Creating the software code with precision, ensuring each module aligns perfectly with the design.



Meticulously assess the software to identify bugs, performance issues, and reliability.



initiating the software in a live environment, making it readily accessible to end-users.


Maintenance & Support

Providing continuous support , addressing updates, issues, or enhancements to ensure the software remains optimal over time.

Our Software Development Methodologies


Flexible software development process adapts swiftly to evolving project requirements.
Agile foster collaboration, transparency, and client involvement throughout the development process.


DevOps is designed to foster collaboration, automation, software quality, security, scalability and predictability and continuous feedback throughout the project's lifecycle and faster time-to-market.


Dynamic & iterative methodology use to handle complex software development. Flexible, responsive, delivering high-quality results.
Divides the development process into time-boxed iterations known as sprints.


Conception, initiation, analysis, design, develop, test, deploy, and maintenance.
Each phase must be completed before the next one begins, ensuring a systematic and thorough approach to project development.

Looking to build customized software Solutions?

Reach out to us with details about your business needs. We’re a custom software development company with experience in designing and developing top-notch unique software solutions

Customized Software Solutions Stack

Mobile App Development

we create mobile applications using:

Frontend Development

We use a range of frontend frameworks including:
  • HTML/CSS – Structure markup and styling.
  • JavaScript – Server-side scripting.
  • React – Component-based UI library.
  • Vue.js – Progressive JavaScript framework.
  • Angular – Full-fledged JavaScript framework. Meteor – Real-time web apps.
  • Next – Server-side rendering.
  • Ember – complex web apps.

Backend Development

We utilize resilient backend frameworks such as:
  • Node.js – server-side programing.
  • Python – flexible programming language.
  • VB.NET – rapid development on .NET.
  • Ruby on Rails – web app framework.
  • Java – powerful, cross-platform language.
  • ASP.NET – Microsoft’s server side web framework.
  • Go – Google’s supported robust library.
  • PHP – dynamic and interactive server scripting.

Database Management 

We do integration of database management systems such as:
  • MySQL – Relational database .
  • PostgreSQL – Relational database management system.
  • SQLite – Embedded database engine.
  • MongoDB – NoSQL modern database .
  • DynamoDB – Amazon’s NoSQL cloud database DRDS.
  • Firebase – Realtime cloud NoSQL database.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – relational database.
  • GraphQL – query language for API

Hosting Deployment, DevOps

We incorporate cloud services and utilize DevOps tools such as:
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud server.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Cloud infrastructure.
  • GitLab CI/CD – CI/CD pipelines.
  • Docker – For containerization.
  • Kubernetes – For container orchestration.
  • Jenkins – For continuous integration.
  • NGINX – For web server and proxy.
  • Apache Tomcat – For servlet container.
  • Heroku – For cloud platform.
  • Vagrant – For development environments.


We use additional technologies, including:
  • Unity – 3D games, and apps engine.
  • Blender – 3D computer graphics software tool.
  • Vuforia – augmented reality development kit.
  • Three.js – animated 3D graphics for web.
  • Google Analytics – User tracking.
  • Git – Distributed version control.
  • GitHub – Git repository hosting.
  • Bitbucket – Git repository management.
  • New Relic – Application monitoring.
  • Splunk – Data analysis.
  • TensorFlow – For machine learning.
  • PyTorch – For deep learning.

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Custom Software Development Company

custom software development company if you're in search of a Customized software solutions studio that aligns with your business needs, Code augment is the ideal partner for you. We take pride in creating fully bespoke software solutions that caters to our clients' needs, We are a trusted software partner for various industries, including healthcare, eCommerce, transportation, Beauty, Fitness, and education.

Expertise and Comprehensive Support:

With a team of over 20+ skilled software developers proficient in cloud technologies, microservices architecture, and DevOps. Code Augment offers full-cycle end-to-end services from conception to launch ensuring scalability and a competitive edge for your business.